About Me

Starting to code from the age of 10, I have a range of experience in operating, programing and debugging computer systems and providing practical assistance to system users. I describe myself enthusiastic in the field of computer science with a keen mind in problem solving regarding the fine details, especially in algebra and mathematics. On the personal side I am a bright, friendly and very adaptable individual who always keeps up with the changes in the field.

Computer Graphics

I am quite skilled with Adobe Photoshop. I used the product to do post production on my 3D visualizations.

I am also an old user of 3DS Max. I picked 3DS Max 4 before I study architecture in university. That was why I started to get 3D visualization jobs early in univesity. At the beggining I used Cebas FinalRender to get photo realistic results and switched to Chaos Group VRay for its extensive documentation on the web.

I have some experiences with Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator as well. Here are some of my projects and experiments in this field.

Architecture & Construction Background

I got my Bachelor in architecture from Guilan University. Because of my background in Computer Graphics I started to get jobs early. Back to those days it was quite common to do the 2D plans in AutoCad and present the project with 3D views done in 3DS Max. By that time I started to pick Cebas FinalRender to produce photo realistic images, and quickly switched to Vray because of it's extensive documentation on the web. After my academic studies I started to work as freelance architect and studied the BIM (building information modeling). However now my field of expertise is computer but I am also capable of operating a BIM project through all the design and construction stages. I am currently working on a plug-in software for Navisworks and a related paper on BIM.

Art & Photography

I learned photography through a filming project for a computer game. During the project I was assigned as a second camera man for field filming. The project was Vacancy Video Game.
Photography and music are my hobbies which I will spend time on whenever I'm free. These are some samples from my experience.